Daycation Within Mumbai City

Mumbai city has a certain buzz to it. Be it at one at night or eight in the morning, the urban jungle is always rumbling. Often, the maddening daily chaos leaves the inhabitants thirsty for a respite. They long for a day off from the routine to reaffirm themselves that they are homo sapiens and not yet turned into machines yet.

Early Morning Sunshine

A twenty minute detour from Malad’s main road can take you to a different setting. An early morning visit to this place will help you sway away from the noise, hear the waves and feel the breeze. A car or a bike ride will take you to Madh within no time. Idle roads, dwarfed cottages and greenery welcome you as you head towards the Dana Paani beach. Catch fishermen in action or sit on the rocks admiring the city’s skyline from a distance at the Jetty Point. Everyone is in leisure mode there, even nature.

Vada Pav and chai at a road-side eatery will get you freshened-up to move towards Erangal Village. One can also visit the 16-th century St. Bonaventure Church. Its old-world setting is bound to take you down memory lane. The adjoining beach will have local folk enjoying a game of cricket with colourful and uniquely named boats acting as boundaries.

Keep Calm and Visit Pagoda

One can view the golden dome, Pagoda, from Madh and it can be reached by taking a 10-minute ferry from Gorai, Borivali. This Global Vipassana Centre has intricate architecture and has an international appeal to it. The dome is like a sanctum for the soul. The surrounding greenery adds to its tranquillity. One can also have a look at its informative gallery that speaks about Buddha’s teachings. Overall, the dome is extremely peaceful and definitely worth a visit for its sheer radiance.

Go Back In Time

One can proceed to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park after having lunch to visit the Kanheri caves. The ride to the caves is pleasant and if there’s music to accompany the passing landscape, nothing like it! One can spend the late afternoon and evening with friends and family admiring the way of life of the era gone by and of course take a lot of selfies at the ancient caves.

If you are in for a trek and want an educational experience of the flora and fauna, Sanjay Gandhi National park has packages called Nature Trails as well. These need to be booked in advance though and demand certain hours of your day. If you are planning to avail any of these packages, then it is advised that you plan your day accordingl

After returning home, you would have witnessed, beaches, an old-world church, a ferry-ride, a modern meditation centre, a green park and ancient caves, all in one day!

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