Jawhar – A serene outing

When Mumbaikars think of a hill station, they think of Mahabaleshwar. Lonavla and Khandala are other options and if nothing else then there is Matheran. Not many are aware about a quaint, scenic, and refreshing hill station called Jawhar. Jawhar is located 180 km from Mumbai and falls in the Thane district. It can easily be a one day trip spot as well as a weekend getaway for the city dwellers.

Nature Is Calling

The ideal time to visit this cozy location would be during June to February, it can be skipped during the October heat period. As you take a detour from the highway, you enter a secluded area nestled amidst greenery. The positive change that nature brings with it is felt immediately. Farmlands on both sides of the road, clear skies and a curvy road take you uphill. Sweat buds bid adieu and a pleasant chill embraces you as you enter Jawhar.

History Buffs

If you are a history buff then Jai Vilas Palace and Shirpamal are the spots to visit first. The Palace is not regal neither does it house any museum, it can be visited just to get a feel and imagine the royal life. The monumental structure has an inviting pathway as it is surrounded by trees and bushes. Shirpamal on the other hand is a structure on a hilltop that marks the meeting point of Jawhar’s King, Vikramshah and Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


Some tourists just love waterfalls, and if you happen to be one of those who are in awe of gallons of water falling from a height, Dabhosa Waterfall will be a sight to remember. The gigantic waterfall comes alive when rainy season is at its peak. At its prime, it can be a treat for parched tourists. The rocky stairway leads you down towards the foot of the fall where one can feel the brutal force of nature and absorb its energy. The climb up might be challenging for some but it is definitely worth it. Other nearby spots include Khadkhad Dam and Kalmandvi Waterfall.

Of Hills and Vallleys

The countryside lake near the Jai Sagar Dam is picturesque as well as rejuvenating. Few hours can be easily spent there admiring nature. As dusk approaches, one can move towards the sunset point. Situated at a certain height, the point houses a hut-shaped structure that offers a panoramic view of the mountains, a must for every hill station.

There are several economically-priced motels available if you plan to spend the night in Jawhar. It is also famous for traditional Warli paintings, maybe you can bring one home as a souvenir.

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