Silvassa & Daman – A quick getaway

What if spotted deers greeted you good morning, an old church with intricate carvings invited you to spend the afternoon, then you had lunch in a beach-facing shack, tried some adventure sports in the evening and watched the sun retire for the day and paint the sky golden in the process? Then there is a Fort to visit the next morning as well! The answer to that what if is just 180 km away from Mumbai, in Silvassa and Daman.

Oh Deer!

Silvassa’s Deer Park is an absolute treat if you love watching nature at its best. Different species of deers roam freely in their natural habitat and provide you plenty of opportunities to get the perfect DSLR shot for your Instagram post. The Park has its Jeeps which take the tourists in and around the park. Unlike a zoo where the animals are kept in a cage, here, the deers roam around unhindered in the vast open sanctuary.

Cathedral of Bom Jesus

Moti Daman hosts an exquisite shrine that demands reverence. The church has a Portuguese touch to it. The detailed interiors and wooden setting is appealing. The carvings displayed are awe inspiring not just for the artistically inclined but to laymen as well. There is a certain calmness associated with this sanctum.

Devka Beach

People often term Daman as mini-Goa. One should refrain from comparing, however the beach shacks and the enthusiastic tourists do tend to give those vibes. The shack-dominated beach has a buzz to it but if you are someone who prefers solitude then a 10 minute walk from the noise will help you find peace. You can walk along the shore and soak in the calmness that wind and water bring with it. Devka beach offers one of the most beautiful sun-sets, do not miss it.

St. Jerome Fort

Although the fort is more of a relic, its strong walls have kept it intact for years. One can walk around the boundary walls and view the boats swaying to and fro. The fort has a grand entrance and once atop, it offers a panoramic view of the sea. The lighthouse at a distance, the beach, colourful docked boats and the waves do paint a pretty picture. Within the fort’s complex resides Our Lady of the Sea Church. Localites are often spotted indulging in game of cricket there, perhaps you can join them!

Daman’s prime location hosts a lot of budget hotels for you to spend the night. In terms of cuisines as well, one doesn’t need to hunt much. Daman is frequented by tourists from Gujarat and Maharashtra thus it is an active spot on the tourism front.

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