Watch It, The Context Matters

‘Watch’ means to look at something or does it refer to a time-piece, language is funny indeed! This is where ‘context’ comes in. Context is essential in conveying a message as well as receiving it, aptly. Context is essential to know the meaning of a particular word. And the word could mean something entirely different than what you assumed, just because it is communicated in a particular manner.

Check the Context

‘All men are dogs’. And what does one mean by referring men to dogs? Does it infer that men are overenthusiastic excited animals or the most faithful friend of humans? Or does it imply that men are loyal, is it meant to appreciate or degrade men, it surely cannot be generalized, some men might question it. The context makes the difference.


We are all trying to make cameras that have clarity and picture-capturing capability just like the eyes see it. But how many times, do we see things exactly the way they appear to be? There is a small trick to demonstrate the irony of our perfect vision. Go to the house of mirrors. Every mirror depicts a different perception of yourself.

Let’s not beat around the bush, let us beat the point out of this discussion before any beat marshal objects! So let the beat rise as we approach to the climax. But again, what does beat mean exactly? Just because it describes hammering and injuring someone doesn’t mean ‘beat’ is a negative word. Nor does its description of it being a musical melody make it any more pleasing.

Seamless Communication

Communication is not confined to the boundaries of grammar and moves beyond to explain how context in important in every situation. Thus, next time you feel someone has wronged you or violated your ego, rights, pride, honour, esteem, or dignity and you are tempted to give it right back to them, just take a moment and watch the context in which the comments or statements have been made. Maybe what was said was intended differently. Hopefully these watch words will help you watch out from troubles and assist you to watch how good times tick in the watch of life.

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Cletus D’Souza is an artist with words being the favourite ingredient of his palette. When not writing, he is either troubleshooting technical problems or spreading smiles through innovations, he observes the miracles around.

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