Gold Cinemas – New theatre in Santacruz

If movies are an alternate universe, then movie theatres are shuttles that take us to those utopian destinations. Just like a foul ambience may spoil a restaurant’s delicious meal, a lacklustre movie theatre might mar your movie-watching experience. Thus, while thinking of embarking on a movie viewing experience, it is imperative to not only consider which movie you want to watch but also to contemplate where you want to watch it.

Generally, selecting a movie theatre is based on the following parameters, screening, ticket availability, ticket cost, location, parking and theatre’s quality. The newly-opened Gold Cinema near Milan Subway ticks all the above-mentioned criteria, here’s how:


Major Hindi and English movies are screened at this sparkling theatre. One can book tickets through Book My Show as well as the Gold Cinema’s official website. The theatre is located between Vile Parle and Santacruz. Other nearby theatres are, PVR (Juhu), Chandan, Sun City and Bahar. Keeping the economics in mind, tickets are generally available. Considering it is a new theatre and it wants to combat competition, the ticket rates are average, as of now. Morning shows are cheap and night shows are not expensive.


Gold Cinemas is located at the end of the Milan Subway flyover. It is easily accessible; rush-hour traffic however is a slight concern. The theatre is on the second floor of the Milan Garment Hub and boasts of ample parking space.

The Theatre

Gold Cinemas Santacruz’s lobby is lit with interiors targeted towards film buffs. The theatre offers a massive air-conditioned hall featuring restful push-back seats. The leg space between two rows is also adequate. Digital projection and terrific sound system amplifies the movie-watching experience. The pricing of the food items offered in the cafeteria is a tad frightening as the rates are extremely exorbitant much-like the rates in other theatres.

From a movie-viewing experience Gold Cinemas, Santacruz meets the gold standard of cinema halls without being too taxing on your wallet. Watch out for their exciting offers as well, morning shows are priced at Rs. 80 and regular shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays are for Rs. 120 as per their current offer.

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