Overcome Pain With Physio At Home

The human body goes through a lot in today’s modern lifestyle. The routine 9-6 shift, pollution, lack of exercise, stress, overdose of the digital world, and the constant tussle to achieve and maintain a certain standard of living causes several physical as well as mental problems. Often, people are aware of these problems but fail to address them due to lack of time. If such problems are overlooked on a continuous basis, they can escalate into chronic pain and have an adverse effect on the body and mind. Thus, it is suggested to be aware of the signals given by your body and take appropriate action.

Convenient Way to Heal

Unattended mild pain can cause tremendous discomfort if not addressed in a timely manner and in such cases; surgery is the only option left. Is there a way this problem can be solved? This is what professional and experienced Physiotherapists, Dr. Kaushik Anadkat and Dr. Nishith Shah discussed, and came up with a service named ‘Physio At Home’. Physio At Home is an organization that has convenience at its core. This service sends a professional Physiotherapist to your home as per your preferred time to help you tackle your health-related issues.

What is Physio At Home?

Physio At Home has a core team of certified Physiotherapists that cater to Mumbaikars. They eradicate the traditional ‘Patent meets doctor’ model and send their Physio at your Home to help you heal. These Physiotherapists work with you to improve your health and maximize your potential by leveraging a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, self management techniques, electro-physical modalities, therapeutic exercises, patient education and lifestyle advice.

They are adept to take care of people across age groups, rely on evidence-based practice and provide thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis, successful treatment and periodic follow-up for your betterment. Apart from providing the Physio At Home service, they also provide, Diagnostics At Home, Medicine At Home, Exercise At Home and Wellness seminars in Commercial and Residential areas.

Doctors Speak

Dr. Kaushik Anadkat shares, “Physio At Home is about orienting people towards an active lifestyle by providing health-related services at their doorstep.” Explaining that thought further, Dr. Nishith Shah adds, “In essence, Physio At Home bridges the gap between people and Physiotherapists. We provide timely, appropriate, affordable yet advanced, preventive and rehabilitative health care at your home.”

Mobile App

Keeping up with the philosophy of offering everything at the click of a button, there is a Physio At Home mobile app as well. You can download the free Physio At Home Android App from Google Play Store. It will help you in making quick appointments as well as avail regular notifications related to health tips and blogs. The easy-to-navigate app also offers exercise demonstrations and allows you to set reminders, e.g. Drink Water, Take Medication, etc.

Get In Touch

Website – www.physioathome.net

Mobile number – 8879966009

App – Download

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