5 Reasons Why Guys Are Suddenly Growing a Beard

It is December, No Shave November has ended, now, men are not shaving their beard just to create awareness about how lazy they are. If things stay like this, women will soon be talking to beards and not men with beards. They will have to find a face in the bunch of hair. Here are 5 reasons why guys are suddenly growing a beard.


Guys have always been lazy, it’s in their DNA. The best part about beards is that they just grow. Unlike plants, beards don’t rely on photosynthesis to develop, they simply grow. So, there is no effort to grow it, however, it takes an effort to shave.

Social Cause

Global warming is on the rise, there is shortage of water in villages, people in tier II cities, like foreigners, have started using tissues for certain chores where they used to use water, thus, growing a beard means contributing to a social cause. Shaving requires water and not shaving saves it, bingo, bearded men are crusaders.


An entire generation has just woken up to witness an extremely beneficial device named as the trimmer. It has evoked similar sentiments to the time when the human race discovered fire. Now, men can trim their beards and showcase their creativity. Their face has become a canvas and the trimmer is their brush, this is probably taking it too far but you get the point right?


It is a known fact that movie stars and cricketers set fashion trends in India. This beard trend also stems from there but no one knows the origin. Some think it’s the cricketers, some consider actors to be the pioneers, in fact the actors think that they are emulating cricketers and vice versa.

Amidst all this, the English cricket team who is in India for a tour is completely baffled. They are like, “Blimey, did we time travel or what. We seem to have landed during the East India Company times, these Indian players have beards like their older folks!” Sir Jadeja’s beard does seem like that of a King, and majority of English cricketers are clean shaven.


Beyond a point, the beard takes over. A guy no longer makes the decisions; it is his beard that does it for him. This is an intense psychological inference and needs to be studied and analyzed. Guys have nightmares where they look clean shaven; the beard tricks the mind into seeing them. If there is a thought of picking up a razor, the mirror echoes in a Lord of The Rings-esque tone ‘my precious’.

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Yash Pawaskar is a traveller, author, movie buff, music lover, photography enthusiast and a cricket fanatic. When he is not busy protecting Gotham or wandering at Hogwarts, he plays God to the universe and characters created by him in his stories.

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  • December 12, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Yash as always a creativity in anything and everything. Super Article…and ironic is girl appreciating guys laziness talks…


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