The Origin of Martin Krooger by Sameer Kumar

It is said that books give wings to the mind and flight to the imagination. Sameer Kumar’s debut book, The Origin of Martin Krooger, seconds that thought. It takes the readers on a wonderful journey that is filled with thrill, drama and a wide range of emotions.

The author has taken philosophy as a base and created a towering structure over it. He holds your hand and takes you through this adventurous ride, where you encounter familiar characters in unfamiliar settings. At an intrinsic level, The Origin of Martin Krooger has elements of universally-loved stories such as Narnia, Harry Potter, Archie Comics, and a bit of Inception as well!

The Plot

The Origin of Martin Krooger builds on the fundamental questions that have baffled us humans since time immemorial. Who created the humans? Why were we created? Is there a purpose to life? Is there free will? Are we mere puppets? These and several other philosophical questions have been answered by Sameer Kumar, by using fiction, mythology and fantasy. The story tells us about different worlds, varied species, unfathomable landscapes flanked by glorious flora and fauna. At the core, it is a revenge story however; love and friendship are also equally integral to the plot.

A vigilante wronged by the Gods sets out for revenge, and a bunch of friends along with the Gods themselves are forced to tackle this undefeatable force. What transpires is a well-orchestrated symphony that strikes the right chords and hypnotizes you to such an extent that you sway to the tunes while exploring a unique world with the rather relatable characters.

The Writing

Sameer Kumar’s narration is modest and to the point. There are no over-the-top words, the tale doesn’t deviate much from the central track, the storylines are connected sooner than later and the conversational tone keeps the story flowing. The rhymes at the beginning of most of the chapters are a nice way of introducing what’s in store next. The writer doesn’t merely create a fantasy world; he explains its functioning in a scientific manner as well.

It is a fantasy-based story and thus the readers have to rely on the writer to paint a picture of the world that the author wants them to imagine. This is where Sameer Kumar has taken efforts to give the readers the relevant material to imagine the magical world. The characters do not speak in an out worldly manner; the language is colloquial and uninhibited. Its short chapters help the story maintain a certain pace throughout and they don’t end up being a stretch.

Recommended For

The Origin of Martin Krooger is an ideal read for those who like to explore the fantasy-fiction genre. Young adults will connect with this book because of the characters and the simple narrative. As the book doesn’t rely much on literary devices or subtle narratives, it can be suitable for first-timers who want to take a glimpse into the world of fantasy novels. If you like to travel to unknown lands by using your imagination as a vessel, then this book will surely take you places.

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