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Is it possible to not read a single novel but to write one? Mechanical Engineer, Sameer Kumar, not only has the answer but also is the answer to that question. We got in touch with the young writer and asked him few questions to understand his experience while writing his first novel, The Origin of Martin Krooger.

What prompted you to become an author?

In my childhood, I had stage phobia. I stumbled when I spoke English. Then, I thought, if not spoken English I might be a master at written English. That is how things started.

First-time authors often rely on personal experience while writing, is this true in your case as well? 

I started writing when I was in the 9th standard and I do not think I had many experiences then. All my writings are inspired by a fantasy world I thought of as a child, and the questions I raised while growing up.

Tell us about what went into researching for this book.

Well… as a child, I was intrigued by Science and I wanted scientific answers to everything around. That’s when I started analyzing things. I did not read books or search the Internet as a part of my research because I feel the answers to all questions are around us, waiting to be observed.

You say that it took you around nine years to weave this story, what motivated you to continue for so long?

Actually, I was de-motivated, and that is why it took me nine years to write this book. I was short of confidence and did not believe that my piece would be liked so much thus, there were a lot of stoppages in the course of writing this book.

How many books are there in this series and how soon will they be out?

Not sure about how many but part two will duly come by 2018 if I get a good offer.

Which are the books/movies that inspired you to tell your story?

I have not read a single book, cartoons were my world. Like every kid, I dreamt of them. I have seen some parts of the Harry Porter movies; as a child I was not allowed to watch movies at a stretch, so I fantasized a lot.

How did your friends and family help in the writing process?

My friends and family were supportive, they helped me a lot. They reviewed my work from time to time.

Would you explore other genres as well in the future or would you stick to the Fantasy-genre?

I will certainly try other genres like Love, Erotica, Thriller and wouldn’t want to limit myself to just the Fantasy-genre.

Any message to the readers who have read and liked the book, and to those who should read the book?

I would like to thank those who have liked my book. And to those who are yet to read it, I can just say ‘Pehele istamaal karo phir vishwaas karo’, because there is nothing more entertaining than a good book.

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