Are You Insane?

Thinking has become a rare phenomenon in this age of digital technology. When was the last time you had that conversation in your head and enjoyed it? Do you remember the time you debated with yourself like a real clash of silly opinions? What about the time when you imagined and planned reactions to strange situations if they did arise, can you recollect that?

Yes that’s true, in your head that’s all you got to do to keep your sanity intact. Gone were the days where you could talk to yourself and be called crazy. That golden age is long lost and in this age of codes and metal, only the really really fortunate ones get to be called mental.

What are you waiting for?

You can’t be in your cocoon staying cozy and waiting for a cute blue-eyed nurse to come around to get you out and cut your umbilical cord for you. It’s like in the game Super Mario, you have to choose yourself the gold you wish to take and the monsters you want to jump over. And yes, you will find the best of bonuses amidst the worst of situations that will make you grow up or shrink you down. But isn’t that how you level up?

Start messing around with your head. Get off the hook and don’t fear the fall. Think of what if you survive? What the hell will you try next if you do? In these modern times, it is not the technologically smart that you need to be afraid of, but the thoughtful ones.

Are you knocking the right door?

The problem is simple and the solution simpler. Shutting yourself to expert advice because of external stimulus is no remedy. No longer do you speak to your mentor or consult your guide. You share your problem with all but the door of the one with the solution still remains locked because you never knock. You asked everyone for keys to open it when all you needed to do was to tap and make a sound on the door behind which you had locked.

And you do it because your advisor, your mentor, your guide was a boring, outdated person whom the people around you didn’t like. Because this guide would give you acknowledgements and guidelines beyond the regular norms. This mentor forgave crimes and let mistakes happen. This counselor is your very own accepting self that you used to talk to, in your head.

Like Really!

Why the garb of decency to protect the pride and avoid loss? Do you want to feel the heat in summer, try to get wet in the rain? Do you want to really shiver in the winter, start enjoying the seasons once again?

You’ve stopped consulting yourself for second opinion, you’re no longer insane. See the magic you have within you.

About The Author

Cletus D’Souza is an artist with words being the favourite ingredient of his palette. When not writing, he is either troubleshooting technical problems or spreading smiles through innovations, he observes the miracles around.

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