The Movie

Hiten battled the rush hour traffic to reach the theatre. The show, Nightmare of Mr. Banks, an award-winning movie, had already started. Surabhi was late, as usual. She messaged Hiten, ‘U go in will rch in 15.’

Obeying her command, as usual, he stepped inside the dark hall, hesitantly, to witness his first horror movie. The characters in the story were settling in, but Surabhi’s absence was unsettling him. Hiten kept checking his phone, which annoyed the snuggling couple beside him. After seeing her ‘last seen’, which was a while back, he immersed himself in the movie.

A few chills later, the horror movie was gaining momentum. Surabhi entered the hall, high-fived Hiten and giggled in her peculiar manner. Now, the screen had competition, Hiten’s bluish eyes had to decide where to look. She knew it, he knew it, and somehow they kept it that way, maybe it, whatever it was between them, was still churning.

Surabhi knew her buddy liked pizza, so she bought one during the interval, but refused to share it with him! She was like that, and he liked it that way. Unlike Hiten, she was a pro at watching horror movies, few scenes made her laugh, let alone evoke fear. The same scenes terrified the guy, the spilled Pepsi was proof. The snuggling couple was unfazed though, they were possessed in a different way!

After the usual roller coaster ride, the movie ended with the ghost retreating back to hell, thanks to the most-handsome-priest-ever. The lights almost yawned as they lazily illuminated the theatre. Surabhi saw his eyes sparkle, she was used to looking at them, as they looked back in an adoring manner, always. She playfully tapped his back and said that she will be back in a bit. He ‘waited’ for her, this time at the theatre’s gate.

After a while, her prolonged absence made him restless. Hiten tried calling her but her number was unreachable. As he was about to enter the theatre to check near the lobby, his phone beeped Surabhi’s message – ‘Hey, sry cud not come 4 the movie, as something urgent came up. Sorry’.

About the author

Yash Pawaskar is a traveller, author, movie buff, music lover, photography enthusiast and a cricket fanatic. When he is not busy protecting Gotham or wandering at Hogwarts, he plays God to the universe and characters created by him in his stories.

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