The Accident

The parched city was blessed with monsoon however, the rains turned out to be deadly for Sahil. He was riding his beloved bike from office to meet his girl friend, for the lack of a better word, and prospective wife, Rhea, and that is when he met with an accident.

All he remembered was that the rikshaw in front of him wiggled causing him to waver his bike from its path. A skid, frantic horns, flashing lights, and a tumbling bike later, he was found laying in blood, sweat and tears in the hospital bed.

The first thing that came to his mind was that he wouldn’t be able to live with Rhea. How could they lead a life, a normal life, a happy life, which they both envisioned several times during their coffee dates.

Sahil couldn’t move a muscle initially and he had lost track of time. The over-hygienic hospital room that smelled funny, seemed like home to him. He couldn’t speak or hear a thing.

All this he was able to endure, but the fact that he had not met Rhea was killing him from the inside. She did not visit him? Not once? Or did she, and he did not remember? Sahil had no recollection.

The inevitable thought occurred to him. Did she leave him? Well, that was the ‘practical’ thing to do, why would she waste her life over a patient in a near-vegetative state! Yes, he could not communicate but his big brown eyes asked a lot of questions to his anxious family members, including why didn’t Rhea turn up to meet him. Yes, her parents were not entirely in favour of their marriage but…they loved each other!

When he was close to accepting the fact that Rhea might have left him, she walked in, princess-like, in a beige salwaar kameez. “Sorry, I cannot be with you like this, not in this life, but remember, I love you, always,” she said and walked away.

Few weeks later, when Sahil had slightly recovered from the physical damage and his senses were coming back, his father walked up to him and said, “Rhea is gone! On the day of the accident, she was in the Rikshaw in front of you which rammed into a truck. She died on the spot.”

About the author

Yash Pawaskar is a traveller, author, movie buff, music lover, photography enthusiast and a cricket fanatic. When he is not busy protecting Gotham or wandering at Hogwarts, he plays God to the universe and characters created by him in his stories.

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