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Apart from being delicious and fulfilling, parathas are loved by the young and the elderly. They are prepared in a jiffy and taste delightful. Depending on how many parathas one can eat, they can be your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If your craving for parathas has crossed its threshold then head straight to Khasiyat as it specializes in offering a wide range of parathas to satiate your hunger.

What is Khaas?

The modest restaurant is located near Vile Parle railway station and has maintained its charm for years. People living in the vicinity have its home delivery number on speed dial as they offer scrumptious parathas as well as fast-food items such as dosa, sandwiches, pav bhaji and chaat.

Must-have Kheecha Chat

The restaurant has limited seating on the ground floor and the first floor, thus its waiting list is always active. However, the food is worth the wait. Khasiyat is known for its kheecha chat which has kheecha papad as its base. It is topped with the usual chat ingredients and a lot of cheese. Bond with your friends as you pull (kheech) the papad to break it and enjoy it. It is extremely addictive, so if you are planning to cut down on your cheese intake, be warned, your resolution is surely going to go for a toss.

A Lot of Parathas

Khasiyat offers 15 types of parathas. You can choose based on how spicy, cheesy, paneery and garlicy you want them to be. These parathas are served with choley, black dal, raita and pickle, making it a meal. Its Chole Bhature is also authentic and enticing. Those who need rice to complete a meal, tawa pulav is a good option to go for.

Kuch Meetha

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will find Khasiyat’s kulfi with rabdi mesmerising. It is enough for two and leaves a soothing aftertaste. People often team up parathas with a glass of lassi, if you belong to that group, Khasiyat does have mitha, namkeen, apple, pineapple, chickoo, mango and kesar lassi to end your Khasiyat sojourn.

Kheecha chat, cheese chilly garlic paratha and kulfi with rabdi is what we suggest. You can obviously try out other stuff as well. Everything on Khasiyat’s menu is khaas.

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