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Weekends can be a drag if you have no plans, your best friend is out of town, or you just need some time to yourself to unwind. When it comes to dining out on weekends, how often do you hear yourself say, ‘Need someday different today’. When you need to brighten up those dull weekends and spark up your imagination, Social is the place to go!

After All, We are ‘Social’ Animals

If you haven’t heard of Social, you truly haven’t had a quirky outing yet. Each and every outlet, be it for Goregaon’s gothic elegance or Andheri’s floral ambience, a visit for the Irani-infused menu and exotic setting is a must! Go Social-hopping on weekends and make sure you try as much as you can on their menu. It won’t burn a big hole in your pocket as it costs around Rs. 1,200 for two.

Fine dining, with a cutlery twist

Visit Social if you are bored of food being served in predictable dining sets. Right from the #Paani glasses to Jail-style bowls, from Asian food served in small takeout boxes to your iced tea served in mini bath tubs, you’ll love the setup here. And the bill? Oh, taking it all a step further comes a rustic little trunk ‘#Damage’ bearing the news that yes, you had food worth the money here.

All day Breakfast menu? You’ve got to be kidding me…

If you think the cutlery and decor is amusing, check out the rolled-in newspaper-style menu. What’s more, if you need a napkin, you can just roll out the tissue roll placed on the table. Coming to the menu, well the waiters don’t mind if you take your time reading the extensive menu. Aaand yes, they serve breakfast menu anytime you want. The blueberry pancakes are to die for, the scoop of cream, butter and blueberry, simply yum! Taking the satisfaction to orgasmic delight is Sid’s very Posh breakfast.

Not a fan of having breakfast? You can have the filling sharing plates. Psst! BBQ Board is our favorite so far! Craving some munchies to go with the drinks, try Potato Skins, (must-have for those vegetarians out there) Poutine or Death Wings.

Of Course, The Main Course

The Baos, Poas, Sandwiches and Burgers, capture their true essence. In the main course, The Nam Noodle Bowl, a light fragrant soup that might be the perfect cure for hangovers, Khao Suey – again a filling dish with one of the best presentations (mind the hot sauce, and peanuts if you are allergic) and Butter Chicken Biryani, simply sing to a hungry soul.


Since we max out with the starters and main course, we rarely have any space left in our tummies to try the Ramesh Suresh dessert (sounds so interesting) or Kaasa Kay Cassata. Do tell us how you liked ‘em in the comments below!

Where did you say again, it’s located?

Social has its branches at Colaba, Todi Mill, Palladium, Khar, BKC, Andheri and Goregaon.

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Toshi Srivastava prides on being a foodie to the core. While everything food is her passion, she reads whenever she gets time. She aspires to travel solo and discover more food!

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