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Batman is not a superhero. He is probably the world’s best detective armed with an arsenal of gadgets. Trained by the League of Shadows, the Batman is a deadly combination of mind, body and soul, dedicated towards the service of Gotham. Yes, he has the money to back his intentions and has Bruce Wayne’s character to live by but that is a double edged sword. He is the epitome of justice, self-lessness and a life spent in the service of others, he is The Dark Knight!


Greg Cox’s novelization of Christopher Nolan’s fitting end to the Batman trilogy lives up to the legacy. His writing is elaborate but doesn’t create unnecessary speed breakers while reading. The language is succinct and poetic when needed. He knows the characters well, and gives the readers insights into what they are thinking. This is something that goes amiss while viewing a movie. The movie runs at a frantic pace. There are too many distractions to feel the spoken word or unearth the feelings between those words. However, in this book, Greg Cox has given Batman fans a rear glimpse into the minds of prominent characters like Bruce Wayne, Gordon, Selina, Blake, Bane, Miranda Tate and a whole bunch of others.

A Lot to Cherish

Fans have always been skeptic when it is announced that their favorite novel will be brought to life on celluloid. Their apprehensions are fuelled because they have lived the story in a certain way in their minds whereas the movie would probably be the director’s vision of the story, which necessarily may not be similar to theirs. This disparity is a concern along with the fact that the characters might not be real enough when they are portrayed on screen as compared to the written word. The Dark Knight Rises’ novelization reverses this process and doesn’t let the readers down. Those who have seen the movie already know the story, the book delves deeper and offers fans a lot more to cherish.

Feel the Intensity

One must be aware of the fact that there isn’t any new revelation in the book; it states the same story as conveyed on screen. The difference lies in how it is told. Christopher Nolan is a master at storytelling and he leverages his skills to take the viewer on an exciting journey. This book offers the readers a chance to witness that journey in their minds wherein, they can feel the intensity of the characters and their emotional conflicts in a detailed manner and at their own pace.


Batman is a philosophy that teaches that anyone can be a hero. We fall so that we learn to pick ourselves up, and the night is the darkest before the dawn, are thoughts that motivate when life turns ugly. Comics and novels have a different narrative and audience; do not get confused between the two. This novelization is for Batman fans who like to read elaborate books and not for those who just like to flip through comic books. Those who haven’t seen the third movie, and are ardent readers, should go for this fast-paced yet detailed version of Nolan’s highly-rated trilogy’s last installment.

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