Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Potter fans became anxious as soon as it was formally announced that Harry Potter’s eight story is going to be released soon. There were Potterheads who wanted to enter the magical world at the earliest and then there were sceptics who thought that is it going to be worth it? As time ticked along and the world approached the released date, the haze cleared and it became evident that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play! Still, it was something related to the Potter universe and the craving to know more about the boy/man wizard and his troops was too enticing to let go, thus the euphoria continued.

Like a Ritual

Queuing up at the bookstore, almost like a ritual, became the norm again, as it was during the release of seven Harry Potter books. The enthusiastic fans bubbling with the joy of holding another Harry Potter book – some thought that might not happen again – dived into the story without any apprehensions. However, as they swam through it, many released that it wasn’t the same, some might argue that it was not even similar. Several readers have grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermione and when this trio appeared to be slightly different, alarm bells started ringing.

Expectation vs Reality

Their swim into their much-loved magical world turned into quicksand from that moment onwards and as they flipped the pages, they began drowning in the sinking sand. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’s book received a lot of flak from ardent potter fans all around the globe. This is a classic case of expectations taking over reality. The reality was, and it was evident, that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a script and not a novel. It was meant for a play where in, the visuals are given far more importance than the words.


When a person watches a play, there are multiple factors involved, like, acting, music, lights, special effects, the theatre’s ambience, the screenplay, dialogues and the story. What the Cursed Child’s script offers is merely a part of the earlier mentioned play’s ingredients in the form of dialogues and story. Yes, the story might seem like it is fan-fiction and it might not seem authentic however, the entire package, as in the play might be appealing as a lot of factors come together to tell that story unlike while reading the script, as it is designed for that platform.

Revisit Magic

Apart from majority of the readers, there were a few, who read The Cursed Child just to revisit those magical days. The fact that one could travel through the Hogwart’s corridor once again, imagine the wizards in action, feel the friendship shared by Harry, Ron and Hermione, and reconnect with the blissful time spent in the mesmerizing magical world was far more enticing than the story itself. This isn’t a J.K Rowling novel where her words paint a beautiful picture, where characters seem real than ourselves and where the narrative cradles you to a smile. This is a script which just has the dialogues supposed to be infused life into by the actors, or vice versa.

Thus, if Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was a vegetarian thali comprising of rotis, three types of gravy, dal, sweet dishes, and chutney, the script of the Cursed Child is just the chutney and the play is the thali. If you expect the satisfaction of enjoying a thali by tasting the chutney, then there is serious expectation-reality gap in there. Read the Cursed Child just to revisit those magical days. If you find it exciting, consider it as the eighth story in the series, otherwise, turn the time turner and disregard its existence.

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