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Local Tales is a website that believes in empowering through stories. Every article on the website is a tale, be it fictional or non-fictional. If you like reading stories and want to know about amazing food outlets, interesting services, wonderful travel destinations, thought-provoking articles and a lot more, then you must bookmark this website and like our facebook page for all the updates.


partnerLocal Tales is driven by a bunch of enthusiastic storytellers with a sound marketing mind dedicated towards promoting local initiatives and establishments. It offers a podium for local brands to convey their story. Local Tales is a platform where people and brands express their thoughts to their target audience.


If you are a brand that has just launched a mobile App, have come up with a new ice cream flavour, launched a coffee shop, offer a service that needs advertising, etc., then Local Tales is an ideal online stage for you.

The digitally-active audience needs to be engaged at a place where they spend time, and spoken to in a language which they understand. Local Tales is a lucrative marketing option in comparison to traditional marketing avenues. Our team ensures that your message is conveyed to your target audience with respect to demographics such as age, gender, location, preferences, etc. Local Tales helps you convey your story to your target audience in an affordable and productive manner.

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Book Promotion

Local Tales enables authors to promote their books by partnering with them for honest ‘Book Recommendations’ interesting ‘Author Interviews’ and a lot more. Local Tales bridges the gap between authors and their audience thereby promoting reading and writing.

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If there is an NGO that you want to create awareness about, speak your mind regarding the environment, write a thrilling short story or an entire novel, pen poems, tell the world about your amazing travel experience, dedicate an article to why and how much you love your dog, convey your inspirational thoughts, share insights regarding your favourite food joint, etc., Local Tales is open for submissions.

The content submitted by you should be original and exclusive, which means, it should be unique (not plagiarised) and must not be shared elsewhere (online or offline) not even on your blog.

We encourage user-generated content and promote it through our website and social media platforms if it meets our ideology however, there is no monetary compensation provided for the same.

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